• High temperature insulation, integral insulation or heat protection for manifolds, turbo, downpipe, wastegates, silencers. Perfect for tuning and motorsports
  • JEC WORLD 2023, April 25-27, 2023

    VIK-COMPOSITE GmbH is happy to invite you to JEC World 2023!

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  • New 3-layers combined materials COMBIPEEL90-1 and COMBIVAC180-1 !

    VIK-COMPOSITE GmbH introduces new 3-layers combined materials !

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  • VIK-COMPOSITE GmbH is re-certified for compliance with the requirements of aerospace standards EN 9100:2018 19.12.2022

    VIK-COMPOSITE GmbH was succerfully re-certified this year and proudly announces that the scope of our certification has been expanded.

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