«VIK-COMPOSITE» GmbH is happy to introduce Upgraded version of Ultrasonic (US) manual device for cutting and welding!

20 October 2020

• Modern easy to use portable device with US generators of your choice: 20, 30 or 40kHZ! (20 kHz for cutting)
• Continuous work or manual applying of US possible: with a switch on front of the generator!
• Two different cutting handles (small and large one) with US cable in length of your choice: 3m, 5m or 10 m
• New design 6 different carbide blades allowing cutting a large range of materials (prepreg, semi-polymerised, dry fibers composite and honeycomb) from monopoly till 35 mm thickness! Improve cutting quality and reduce cutting effort!
• New design 8 different welding nozzles allowing welding prepregs fabrics and thermoplastics up to 25 folds! Prepositioning and holding!

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To have more information, please, read Technical data sheet or to have a sales quotation we kindly ask you to contact our sales managers!

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