SK2AT260-6 High temperature PTFE pressure sensitive tape260 °CBrownPTFE / Silicon or AcrylMSDS_ AT260-6
SK2AT399-3 High-temperature polyimide adhesive tape399 °CAmberPolyimide / SiliconeMSDS_ AT399-3
SK2AT200-7Double-sided polyester film adhesive tape205 °CTranslucent with yellow linerPolyester / AcrylicMSDS_AT200-7
SK2AT200-6Double-sided polyester film adhesive tape205 °CTranslucent with white linerPolyester / AcrylicMSDS_AT200-6
SK2AT204-6 Heat-resistant, high strength adhesive tape with non-silicone adhesive230 °CGreenPolyester / AcrylicMSDS_AT204-6
SK2AT204-5 Economical adhesive tape204 °CBluePolyester / SiliconeMSDS_AT204-5
SK2AT204-2 Economical adhesive tape204 °CBluePolyester / SiliconeMSDS_AT204-2
SK2AT204-1 Economical adhesive tape204 °CBluePolyester / SiliconeMSDS_AT204-1
SK2AT180-3Polyester tape with rubber-based pressure sensitive thermosetting adhesive system180 °CYellowPolyester / RubberMSDS_AT180-3
SK2AT204-3Polyimide adhesive tape with solvent resistance and high temperature stable acrylic adhesive system204 °CAmberPolyimide / AcrylicMSDS_AT204-3
SK2AT260-4Release tape with high elongation for use on tooling blocks and other areas260 °CBrownPTFE / SiliconeMSDS_ AT260-4
SK2AT130-2Polyester tape with acrylic adhesive system130 °CLight blue transparentPolyester / AcrylicMSDS_AT130-2
SK2AT260-8PTFE coated glass fabric adhesive tape for self-wound adhesive260 °CBrownPTFE coated glass fabric/SiliconeMSDS_ AT260-8
SK2AT205-8High strength polyester adhesive tape for application in extreme conditions, thickness 175 μm, elongation 150%205 °CGreenPolyester / RubberMSDS_AT205-8
SK2AT180-2Tape with high release properties, which could be used on the mould and cores, 88μm, max. elongation 100%180 °CBrown PTFE / AcrylicMSDS_AT180-2
SK2AT399-2High temperature double coated holding tape399 °CAmberPolyimide / SiliconeMSDS_AT399-2
SK2AT260-5Extruded PTFE release tape with high elongation for use on tooling blocks and other areas260 °COrangePTFE / SiliconeMSDS_ AT260-5
SK2AT100-2Double side coated adhesive mesh from fiberglass100 °CWhiteGlass fiber / AcrylicMSDS_AT100-2
SK2AT60-1Double coated tape060 °CWhiteCloth / RubberMSDS_AT60-1
SK2AT180-1Masking and holding tape180 °CYellowPolyester / RubberMSDS_AT180-1
SK2AT200-1Double coated tape200 °CWhite with red linerPolyester / AcrylicMSDS_AT200-1
SK2AT200-3High temperature double coated tape205 °CWhitePolyester / AcrylicMSDS_AT200-3
SK2AT205-1Masking and holding tape205 °CBluePolyester / SiliconeMSDS_AT205-1
SK2AT205-2Masking and holding tape205 °CBluePolyester / SiliconeMSDS_AT205-2
SK2AT205-3Masking and holding tape205 °CBluePolyester / SiliconeMSDS_AT205-3
SK2AT205-4High tack holding tape205 °CGreenPolyester / SiliconeMSDS_AT205-4
SK2AT205-5Strong tear resistant polyester adhesive tape with non-silicone adhesive205 °CGreenPolyester / RubberMSDS_AT205-5
SK2AT205-6All-purpose polyester adhesive tape with non-silicone adhesive205 °CGreenPolyester / RubberMSDS_ AT205-6
SK2AT205-7Tough abrasion-resistant adhesive tape205 °CRedPolyester / SiliconeMSDS_AT205-7
SK2AT399-1High temperature holding tape399 °CAmberPolyimide / SiliconeMSDS_AT399-1